Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Luna Muse Volume II is my latest batch of crazy tunes and soundscapes. Most of this stuff was recorded between February 5 and August 27, 2007. These are primarily lo fi or shall I say co fi :), experimental, and spontaneous recordings. The idea is to just let it flow and use technology to take a snapshot of my art, not have my talent be enslaved to the recording equipment or process (that and I'm as bit reckless, crazy, and lazy.)

I prefer the natural presence inherent in spontaneous recordings and don't mind a little pick up noise from my guitar or the dog barking in the background. In my opinion, it gives the recording more warmth and organic tone. The irony is that I spent seven years of my life working at audiophile record labels (thus my journey from mofi to lofi to cofi)! Don't get me wrong.. I enjoy high fidelity productions and I do love and appreciate great sounding gear (, but that whole scene too often felt pretentious and elitist for my tastes and perspective. People spent way too much time jerking off over impedance issues with their interconnect cables and not enough time enjoying listening to the actual music itself.

Anyway, here's the track descriptions for my lastest sonic home grown. Tracks includes songs, simple blues jams, beats, and improvised sound sculptures:

MY FRIEND - Another Surf Goth tune recalling memories of a friend who killed himself and the times we spent together. His name was Mike Scrivani and we played together in the Jersey Shore open mic scene and did a lot of bad cover gigs together. He was a really good, talented, sweet guy who unfortunately had hell hounds on his trail..

JUST PASSING THROUGH - I tend to be grandiose and take myself way too seriously sometimes. Like many artists I know, I tend to be too self absorbed and like most people in this day in age, I get caught up in stress and anxiety while trying to make ends meet, reach my goals, and simply survive in an increasingly complicated world, etc.

Sometimes its useful to remember that we're just passing through. All the money we make, all the material things that possess us, are things we can't use or enjoy after our death, so, maybe there really is something to be said for enjoying what we have in the present - the here and now, since it could all be over in a nanosecond..

ON AND ON - this song is a rally cry about determination and fortitude.. Its about getting back on the horse - achy bones and all. When we stop trying, we start dying. I don't care if you're as successful as Bruce Springsteen, a creative spirit is restless and must move forward, there really is no finish line..

REAL BAD NEWS - A standard blues tune with some interesting clarinet and vibraphone work..

CATEGORY 5 - A fierce, high energy, bone crunching, extreme surf jam.. The sound quality kind of sucks - because I was trying too hard to be clever with a gated compressor, and oh yeah what a pretentious, insensitive song title ;)

BRAVE NEW WORLD - There is nothing like the feeling of getting thrashed around by the Ocean a bit, then stumbling home as the sun sets leaving you stress free and chilled to the bone..

JAY WALKIN' BLUES - Here at the Jersey Shore, there are many great musicians and many huge egos striving for stature and attention. Jay Walker pursues a different path, he's a musical ninja whose talents serves many around these parts. You always seem him coming out of the shadows when you least expect it. In the theatre of my mind this is what I hear when Jay's a Walkin'.

SMOOTH JAZZ BLUES IN F# MINOR - exactly as the name implies, just some chilled out riffing..

RAINY SUMMER SUNDAY IN BRADLEY BEACH - You guessed it! Recorded on rainy summer Sunday in Bradley Beach, NJ. A mellow, ambient improvisation featuring timed delays and the natural ambience of the rain.

INVOCATION OF THE LIZARD KING - I'm a pretty big Doors fan and this improvisation just kind of reminded me of Jim Morrison's shamanic side - thus the provocative title. I really like this one..

LUNA MUSE - Composed and recorded on August 28th on the eve of a total lunar eclipse while four children were playing in the studio..

ELIJAH CROONING AGAIN - A follow up to the smash hit "Beautiful Boy Crooning" :) I love getting my kids in the background of my recordings as they grow up. Its pretty cool, but also sad and sentimental hearing their voices change over time..

REMEMBER WHEN - Just a simple, sappy old fashioned bit with some syrupy harmonica playing..

80's MELODRAMA THEME - I cringe with embarrassment when I hear this, yet it had to come out. Some music is like that. You have to empty yourself in order to make room for other stuff. Coming of age in the 80's this kind of music was in movie soundtracks, pop recordings, commercials, etc., so I guess alot got in me too..


PENSIVE REFLECTION IN D - even more overtly sentimental melodrama :)

I WANNA ROCK (featuring Brianna Brice) - my daughter's latest "hit" song. She wants to be a rock star when she grows up. I beg her to have a back up plan. I hope she listens and keeps up her grades, yet somehonw I suspect she's a bit stubborn like her Dad..


Anyway, I just want to thank the people that support my work. Especially kind folks like Pam & Bill in Freehold who buy all my CDs. Please note that this collection of music will only be available through digital outlets. I really don't see the point in making CDs anymore. With downloads people can mix and match the tunes they like the most from various bodies of work and its better for the environment.

By the way, it always surprises me which tunes sell the best. It is rarely what I would guess or even prefer. People have such eclectic tastes and opinions. Its been a huge learning experience for me. I used to judge my stuff and avoid releasing anything I thought was too corny, or personal, or sloppy or had some other self attributed negative characteristics. Now I just record the good, the bad, and the ugly and let the chips fall where they may.

Life is too short, you have to be brave, you have to face fear, and you have to take chances. In the end, its all we have..

Thanks for listening, please buy a few tunes if you like what you hear, I could definitely use your support.."

Colie Brice

August 31, 2007

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