Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Colie Brice releases EASTPORTED, his 26th solo album to date.

Eastport, Maine - "EASTPORTED is my 26th solo release, yet another anthology in my ongoing chronicle of my personal journey into musical expression. A few tunes, some blues jams, some rants and other assorted fragments, bits and pieces, etc.. Throughout this lifetime of releasing “weird” music, I have come to realize that these fragments represent me as much as the songs and more fully articulated works. For I too am fragmented.. I moved to Eastport with many unresolved wounds from residual childhood issues, general battle scars of life, etc. In this new environment I feel myself healing more deeply and expanding if ever so slowly within my stubborn consciousness. Amidst the awesome natural beauty, fierce yet soulful ruggedness, and charming eclectic, eccentric local population, I am being Eastported.." Colie Brice 12/17/13