Monday, November 10, 2008

On Saturday at the Stone Pony, Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience won a 2008 Asbury Park Music Award in the Avant-Guarde category. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted for us. I'd also like to thank local experimental artists such as Mike Black and Jon Francis for inspiring me to explore and honor my artistic authenticity and of course all the incredible artists involved with AERIA Records who bravely follow their own muse.

The award was a particular honor considering that we were in contention with some incredible bands including Lunar Ensemble - a truly remarkable avant-guarde band comprised of John Lunar Richey (words) Doug Slugger Vizthum (guitar/mandolin) Tom DiEllo (stand-up/electric basses) Greg D (guitar/Q harp) and Chris McKenna (drums/piano).

I'd also like to thank John Pheiffer at the Aquarian for his support of "weird" music, and Scott Stamper at the Saint for providing a creative habitat for these sonic forays. I gotta thank my wife and kids for putting up with a rather eccentric middle aged man and my twin sister Collette and Brother in Law Aldo have earned eternal gratitude for providing an affordable rent which allows me to live near by and helps accomodate the very existence of an artistic life to begin with.

Most importantly I'd like to thank my usual line up of Andy Bova on drums, Matt Lott on sax, Kurt Thum on piano, and Jay Walker on bass. Alan Gowa is an essential reoccuring guest star in this project and we've also cross pollinated on stage with the mighty and fierce Tony Tedesco, Ben Feld, Dark Mark, Keith McCarty, Geena, Rick Barry, Capt. James Peacock, Meagan Brothers, Bootsy, Jamie and all kinds of other musical creatures..

Thanks as well to everyone I've been so fortunate enough to jam with over the past year or so - John Pheiffer, Gorgo, Dragster, Geena and the 45s, Agency, Turtle Soup, Jeremy Korpas, Mike Black, Jon Francis, Joe Harvard, David Spelman, Jimmy Capobianco, and so many others.