Saturday, December 07, 2013

Why I Despise Catholicism

I despise the Catholic Church and regard it as perhaps the most corrupt instituion in all of recorded history. To cite a personal reason why I feel this way.. When I was a young child, my Father remarried and the Catholic Church granted him an annullment for 10,000 USD so he could remarry in the Catholic Church. Consequently, I have no respect for any institution that would bastardize children for financial gain. I am a first born son, not a bastard child. I carry the same name as my Father and his Father before him.. My Father was wrong too, but he was also in his early 20's and not mature as a man. I believe that a truly good and spirtitually pious religious institution would have advised a young man to do right by his first born children first and foremost - not attempt to relegate them to second class citizen status via and immoral annulment of his first marriage.. My apologies if that is your faith, but that is one reason why I feel this way about the "holy" Catholic Church..