Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thoughts on the recent U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

It seems to me, that we've reached a critical moment in history where living up to the full potential of our moral decency isn't just a nice aspiration, but a necessary imperative for our literal survival.

Aside from a small handful of genuinely good people elected to office, there are not many true world leaders, it appears to be more just an assemblage of hired goons, smooth talkers, and court jesters employed and directed by the world's elite to pacify and distract us all as the world's wealth and limited resources are shoveled hand over first into the consolidated hands of the few.

The recent U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen was a cruel joke - a circle of jerks making empty promises about hitting abtruse targets and vague objectives that won't make much of a difference anyway. Many have praised President Obama's pragmatism during this conference, but what we require now is his passion and purpose.

I'm not a scientist or an economist, but common sense informs me that the continual accumulation of material goods and exploitation of natural resources at the expense of a sustainable environment just doesn't make sense to anyone concerned about a real future for their children's children or anyone else's.

Maybe we're getting what we deserve. Most of what I continue to personally observe is my fellow human beings still desperately pursuing their wants, desires, and addictions. Very few people are making the changes in lifestyle necessary to achieve true sustainability. I'm certainly no angel, a good proportion of my utility bills are associated with playing electric guitars and taking long, hot showers - pretty greedy stuff for a true environmentalist.. But hey, at least I'm trying! I rarely eat meat becuase it is so resource intensive to produce and I ride a bike or walk to work and gigs about 80% of the time. I do sincerely try to be resource efficient. My wife shops in thrift shops and we also purchase green and organic products whenever we can afford to. I'll spare the reader from further self righteous indignation, because I know its not nearly enough.

At least I'm conscious of it? Is there any redemption in that? How many people do I know that just don't care? Too many.. Then there are the people who do actualyl care, but are increasingly desperate to survive in a society with a rapidly evaporating middle and working class. For instance, how many single working Mothers can really afford to worry about anything other than taking care of the immediate needs of her family? Sadly it is often those who can afford to do something that are most likely to do the least.. GREED + COMPASSION = the same old story of man's inhumanity to man. The only caveat here is that now there is no turning back, there's no new world, and there's no escape. We're all rats in the same cage.

Tragically, humanity has known about the potential for catrastrophe due to negligent stewardship of the natural environment for over a century. We've had multiple warnings, time and time again.

I used to be a person who really believed in the probability of positive transformation on this planet. I've always fallen short on a personal level and will not likely experience perfection in this or any other lifetime, but I've engaged in a persistent effort to progress. I sincerely believe that's all we can do.

No one is gonna save us but us. Our government is not for the people or by the people anymore. We were sold out a long, long time ago. President Obama appears no different.. He seem's to be a lap servant of Wall Street and his administration is completely influenced and infiltated by fat cats who are no more redeeming than those of the previous administration.

If anything, President Obama's betrayal of the American people is worse, because he spoke aloud to the inner convictions and slumbering truths hiding in the deepest part of our souls. He appealed to the long suppressed reason and decency of so many of us!

Yet, how can there be "change we believe in", when there's been no real change?