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Paternal Perspective From A Divorced Dad (a RANT)

There it is..  Such a lovely picture..  An adorable little girl and bright eyed young man.  A perfect Father and Daughter shot..  The problem is..  The guy in the photo isn't you.  It's the boyfriend your ex wife went on to remarry.  Oh it's a great picture.  Everybody "likes" it on facebook.  Some of your friends, your Mom, even your twin sister.  You try to be a bigger person, you try to like it too..  But you can't.  You are grateful that your daughter has a wonderful step father, but you can't ever get past the pain of being denied the right to raise your own child.  It defies the very core of your being hearing him referred to as your daughter's parent.  Who the fuck are you?  Just the guy who sends a support check dutifully every month

You had asked for only one thing in the divorce.  Joint custody.  You were too hurt and sad to ask for anything else.  What's more if you took anything else, there wouldn't have been enough for them to be OK without you.  So you accept the loss and make every personal sacrifice you can to ensure their well being - at least you have joint custody?

No you don't..  Your wife has "residential" custody.  She calls the shots.  In reality you get to see your child when you ex has other plans, wants a break, etc.  You rarely if ever get birthdays or major holidays.  In the whole time my kids were growing up my ex wife never let me have both my kids together on Christmas morning.  Not once.  I am still choking and seething with bitterness about it.

Your daughter is a grown woman on her own now, choosing her own way.  Still.. So many thing you never got to teach her.  Values, practical things, citizenship, how to cook or ride a bike..  You resign yourself to the enormous loss and hope and pray one day she really wants to know and spend time with her real Father..

Colie Brice 5/29/15

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Colie Brice releases EASTPORTED, his 26th solo album to date.

Eastport, Maine - "EASTPORTED is my 26th solo release, yet another anthology in my ongoing chronicle of my personal journey into musical expression. A few tunes, some blues jams, some rants and other assorted fragments, bits and pieces, etc.. Throughout this lifetime of releasing “weird” music, I have come to realize that these fragments represent me as much as the songs and more fully articulated works. For I too am fragmented.. I moved to Eastport with many unresolved wounds from residual childhood issues, general battle scars of life, etc. In this new environment I feel myself healing more deeply and expanding if ever so slowly within my stubborn consciousness. Amidst the awesome natural beauty, fierce yet soulful ruggedness, and charming eclectic, eccentric local population, I am being Eastported.." Colie Brice 12/17/13

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Why I Despise Catholicism

I despise the Catholic Church and regard it as perhaps the most corrupt instituion in all of recorded history. To cite a personal reason why I feel this way.. When I was a young child, my Father remarried and the Catholic Church granted him an annullment for 10,000 USD so he could remarry in the Catholic Church. Consequently, I have no respect for any institution that would bastardize children for financial gain. I am a first born son, not a bastard child. I carry the same name as my Father and his Father before him.. My Father was wrong too, but he was also in his early 20's and not mature as a man. I believe that a truly good and spirtitually pious religious institution would have advised a young man to do right by his first born children first and foremost - not attempt to relegate them to second class citizen status via and immoral annulment of his first marriage.. My apologies if that is your faith, but that is one reason why I feel this way about the "holy" Catholic Church.. http://coliebrice.bandcamp.com/track/father

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fiddle Chick and Picky Release Autumn in Eastport

Eastport Maine - Denise and John Mc Curdy a.k.a. “Fiddle Chick and Picky” of Comfort, Texas and Eastport, Maine have recently released an album of Celtic folk tunes entitled “Autumn in Eastport” on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Amazon.com and other leading digital music outlets. A CD release is soon to follow. The album was hastily recorded this past September in order to provide background music for a dinner event associated with the first annual Witches of Eastport Festival. After repeated listening, the couple realized that they had made a special recording and decided to release it independently on their own label with assistance provided by local recording artist and music industry veteran Coleman R. Brice - a Jersey Shore native recently transplanted to Eastport. The album is currently receiving a lot of airplay on WSHD 91.7 FM - Shead’s High School Radio station and the acoustic duo are currently performing gigs throughout the South and Southwest to support the release. Fiddle Chick and Picky plan to record another album next summer in Eastport. For more information, call the number above or visit the Fiddle Chick and Picky artist page on CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FiddleChickandPicky

Monday, October 07, 2013

Basic Audible Sonic Sensibility that accompanies Great Unbridled Inventive Tasteful Audacious Rock