Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 years, 200 + gigs - solo, bands, sideman, etc.  I've enjoyed an amazing chapter of life as a work horse Asbury Musician and it's tough accepting that it's soon to be over as I know it.  It's been such an incredible experience to be part of this fabulous artistic community.  THANK YOU to every artist who has ever shared time and space with me on stage, in the studio, at rehearsal, on the boardwalk, you name it..  What a ride!

THANK YOU to my blood brothers Alan, Jay, & Joe..  I'm choking back tears of pain and joy just thinking about the serious fun we've had, the pure illuminated moments of natural presence, the ball busting, the fellowship..  GEENA & BEN FELD - for dragging me back into the game, for helping me remember who I am on a soul level, to all 54 of the past and present members of DRAGSTER especially TANYA, MARCUS, JAY and BEN, and Capt. JAMES and the PAIN (only 18 members)..  To LUNAR ENSEMBLE, to SHELI MONACCHIO, to all the musicians I've ever played with, backed up or simply jammed with AGENCY, BRIAN SAINT, MICHAEL SCOTTO, MARK PRESCOTT, JAMES DALTON, MATT LOTT, TONY TEDESCO, JOE HARVARD, ANDY BOVA, TURTLE SOUP, WAKAH CHAN, DUB PROOF, KEITH MCCARTHY, SLIM CHANCE & the GAMBLERS, MICHAEL BRETT, BOBBY STRANGE, KURT THUM, EMILY GROVE, ASTOR PHOENIX, JERZY JUNG, SARAH TOMEK, the SURF CHIXX, GUS VIGO, GARY CAVICO, CARL CHESNA, JOHN DAVIES, and so many others..  THANK YOU..