Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Al,

Please run again.. Please, please, please with a cherry on top!

We all know you got screwed over by greed, deceit, and ignorance. Please give us another chance to redeem ourselves.

You're the only one with the intelligence, moral decency, and resolve to lead us through this rat's chance in hell of surviving the back wash of our own stupidity and self destructive, selfish behavior.

You warned us. I mean you wrote Earth in the Balance in 1993 at a time when King George I was referring to you as "ozone boy". Yeah he was right, he sure pegged you.. What a jack ass!

So anyway, please run again. That Obama kid would make a swell VP and build up some genuine Presidential chops under your wings.

Also, let that Dennis Kucinich dude start that Dept. of Peace thang too, he's always going on and on about it and it sure couldn't hurt.. Hell if he could reel in that hottie wife of his, concocting world peace should be no problemo :) And all those Vegan dinner parties will get you and Tipper in bad ass shape bro!

And John Edwards as Secretary of State - a no brainer man, chicks think he's really hot and dudes like to play wing man with guys that get tail. A simple fact of natural diplomacy man.

Finally Hillary Clinton.. Since she wants to get back in the White House bedroom so bad, let her be your whore! She's got the experience, I mean she's already prostituting herself to special interests..

Anyway, thanks for your anticipated consideration,

Colie Brice

PS - Catch U later Brutha, gotta hear Springsteen's new tunes!

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